Why Felix

Felix provides a mechanism to close the loop on findings, recommendations, and learnings, further supporting the principle of continuous learning and improvement

Condition Monitoring and Asset Management

Condition monitoring is a well established, extremely effective component of your asset management strategy. The performance of your CM program is critical to your reliability strategy, the strategy however is only as good as the execution.
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Challenges to Asset Management Excellence

Asset intensive businesses are under constant pressure to do more with less. There is constant temptation to defer/cutback strategic initiatives.
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Condition Monitoring Program Shortcomings

What's wrong with my condition monitoring program?
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The “qualitative” Business Case for Felix

Faster and more accurate analysis. Feedback capture closes quality loop between diagnosis and results.
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Questions Felix Answers

What findings from other technology assessments can I consider during my current assessment of asset heath?
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Next Steps…

If you believe Felix can help you improve the value from your condition monitoring spend...
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